Bosch Bi-Metal Plumber Holesaw Set (9pc)

by Bosch

KES 6,600

Bosch has released this new high speed steel holesaw set specifically for heating engineers and plumbers. It features the sizes plumbers use every day and they come in a sturdy plastic carry case. This kit can be used for general DIY as well as for specific plumbing and heating jobs. Precision holes into sheet metal Bosch accessories are famed for their high quality and long service life. Able to cut holes in a range of metals including aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, steel and INOX.

Set includes:

1x BiM hole saw 19mm

1x BiM hole saw 22mm

1x BiM hole saw 29mm

1x BiM hole saw 38mm

1x BiM hole saw 44mm

1x BiM hole saw 57mm

1x Arbor 14mm - 30mm

1x Arbor 32mm - 152mm

1x HSS pilot drill 6.35mm x 75mm

1x HSS pilot drill 6.35mm x 104mm

1x Allen key

  • Sizes: 19, 22, 29, 38, 44, 57, 14-30, 32-152, 6,35 x 75 mm, 6,35 x 104 mm
  • 9 piece holesaw set
  • For the toughest demands
  • Quickly and steadily through a wide variety of materials
  • Designed to cut metal, mild steel, aluminium
  • Progressive tooth strip for high cutting performace
  • HSS bi-metal with 8% cobalt alloy for extreme resilience and long lifetime
Model Number2608580803


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