Chain and Linkage Spray

by Spanjaard

KES 750

Spanjaard Chain & Linkage Spray is a high quality semi-fluid, adherent all purpose lubricant containing soluble molybdenum. For penetrating and lubricating chains, linkages and cables. Combines the advantages of a grease with those of a lubricating oil. Applied in aerosol form.

400ml Aerosol

Model Number50500198


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Spanjaard Chain & Linkage Spray is formulated for standard and “o” type chains, linkages and cables. It penetrates deep into linkages and remains adhered to surfaces to give long lasting protection in inaccessible
places under demanding conditions to give reduced wear with the assistance of low friction
soluble molybdenum. Product will not drain away like a liquid.
Motorcycles, Transport Vehicles, uses:-
Motorcycle chains, vehicle pivot points, cables, seat runners, cable linkages, springs, control
switches, catches, hinges, locks, window mechanisms, wheel jacks, etc.
Industrial uses:
Wire ropes, winches, pulley blocks, cams, slides, plungers, screw threads, rams, conveyors, rails, rollers, etc.
Domestic uses:
Hinges, electric garage doors slides and chains, home workshop equipment, wheelbarrows, lawn mowers, etc.
In aerosol spray form with extension nozzle for pin pointing applications onto inaccessible places.