Silicone Paste 100gms (NSF-H1)

by Spanjaard

KES 835

High quality silicone lubricant.
100g tube

Model Number53731100


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High quality silicone lubricant.
100g tube

Lubricant: Refrigerator and car door seals, swimming pool rubbers and seals. Plastic gears and mechanisms. Electrical insulating compound: Seals electrical equipment against the ingress of moisture. Protects automobile ignition systems. Prevents electrical leakage and short circuiting.

Release agent: Mould release for the plastics and rubber industries. Suitable as release agent for polystyrene, PVC, phenolic and other resins. Prevents binding of components when coiled insulation varnish is cured at high temperatures. Prevents icing up in freezers and on ski bindings.

NSF Registered for incidental food contact –Category H1